Our aim is to earn your unwavering trust as the foremost metal fabricator by offering responsive design, delivering top-notch builds, and providing exceptional customer service.

Casco & Sons stands as a full-service enterprise that offers metal fabrication, mobile welding, and on-site installation services. It works with unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled value to its esteemed clientele. The company consistently directs investments towards its workforce, cutting-edge equipment, and warehouse capabilities, ensuring optimal outcomes.

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Founded in 1992 as a part-time mobile welding shop on the outskirts of Detroit, Casco and Sons swiftly earned a reputation for their innovative solutions to intricate problems and structural steel additions. With time, they expanded their services to include bespoke metal work, notably pioneering the construction of fully welded, metal spiral staircases. In 2011, a tragic fire engulfed their workshop, presenting a formidable challenge for the company. However, they persevered and emerged stronger, expanding their operations throughout the broader Detroit area and beyond the Michigan border, solidifying their position as industry leaders. Today, Casco and Sons continues to provide exceptional services, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to excellence.

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Our aim is to distinguish ourselves as a premier choice in both the construction industry and the realm of metal fabrication, empowering us to expand our network of satisfied clients through positive word-of-mouth referrals.


As a growth-oriented company, our primary focus is to meet and exceed our customers’ needs, while creating growth opportunities for our valued employees and fostering enhanced profitability across our operations.


Integrity: We prioritize conducting business with unwavering honesty and a strong sense of responsibility.

Safety: We are committed to providing safe workplaces and enforcing strict adherence to safe work practices.

People: We foster an environment of mutual respect, building strong and respectful relationships while creating a space where talented individuals can thrive.

Performance: We relentlessly pursue excellence, seize opportunities, and consistently deliver on our commitments.

Community: We actively contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we operate and reside.

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