On a cold evening in Detroit, January 2011, on the heels of the Great Recession, a wood-burning stove sat in the corner of the shop. As the heat glowed from the stove to the wall, and from the wall to the studs, a fire soon broke out. The drywall and framing burned quickly. Soon the whole side of the shop engulfed in flames. The blaze attracted the neighbors who sounded the alarm. First responders arrived quickly but the fire spread faster. They worked to contain the inferno but little could be done. As flames leaped into the night sky, the orange glow could be seen from blocks away. When the smoke cleared the next morning, a blackened shell stood where the original shop once was.


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Starting out in 1992 as Casco Industrial Services, the company began operations as small mobile welding shop outside of Detroit. The services grew to meet the needs of customers, and with it came the reputation for using well-thought solutions to messy problems and uncommon scenarios. Casco came to accommodate custom metal work and eventually pioneered local, fully welded spiral staircases along with structural steel projects.


After the fire destroyed the main office and damaged most of the equipment in the shop, Casco faced the uphill battle of rebuilding. However, the road to recovery became a stepping stone for better business and expansion. Since then, the company has grown to do business in the greater Detroit area, across the state, and outside of Michigan.


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Today, Casco & Sons is a full-service metal fabrication and mobile welding company. It continues to invest in its people, equipment, and warehouses to successfully offer customers the most value for the best possible result.



Our goal is to be a stand-out option in the construction industry and the field of metal fabrication.

Our ambition is to give the customer the best possible product to strengthen and grow our word-of-mouth referrals.


Casco & Sons is a growth-oriented provider of quality products and services.

We are in business to respond to customers’ needs, provide growth opportunities for our employees, and enhance profitability.


Integrity: We conduct business honestly and responsibly.

Safety: We provide safe workplaces and require safe work practices.

People: We build respectful relationships and create an environment where talented people thrive.

Performance: We strive for excellence, act on opportunity and deliver on commitments.

Community: We improve the communities where we work and live.

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