Need a safe and secure dumpster enclosure that can stand up to use and abuse? We know a trash enclosure is not the first priority on a commercial property, except when it becomes a problem. Our quality metal construction is durable year after year. Secure locking gates keep out animals and unauthorized persons. A variety of heavy-duty cladding options help blend your dumpster enclosure gates into the rest of the buildings.

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The team at Casco and Sons is skilled at providing an accurate field measure, detailed shop drawings, quality welded products, and all-around problem solving start to finish. We are regularly contacted to install new metal dumpster gates and trash enclosures at warehouses, plants, hospitals, institutions, and rental properties like condominiums and apartment complexes.

From custom layouts to supplied designs, we are a full-service fabrication shop dedicated to quality output and handle quantity jobs on a tight schedule.

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The process is simple. Start by sending us your post height and opening. Add dimensions of the enclosure if included. Then choose a style of cladding and you can be on your way.