Inspections? No problem.

Facility managers, need new walkways for your rental properties? Property owners, are your existing steel stairs rusting out from salt and winter maintenance? Small businesses, are your columns past the point of no return? Look no further. Our fabricators and installers are experienced at apartment stair and catwalk rebuilds, apartment egress stair replacement, balcony catwalks, railing, and more.

Don’t wait to replace unstable rusty metal stairs. Avoid costly lawsuits by ordering durable galvanized steel stairs and beautiful powder coated rails today.

Apartment Stairs and Walkways

Winter maintenance for many rental properties can mean tons of salt on your metal stairs and 2nd floor walkways and catwalks. This process takes its toll on stairs that are simply installed with a thin coat of paint. Moisture attacks every uncoated surface and rust begins to eat away at the joints and supports from the inside out. The result is unsightly and unstable stairways at many rental properties. 

The team at Casco and Sons is skilled at providing an accurate field measure, detailed shop drawings, quality welded products, and all-around problem solving start to finish. Facility managers regularly contract us to replace stairs, railing, and walkways at apartment complexes, condo associations, co-ops, and other rental properties.

Remove the potential for costly liabilities and lawsuits by replacing unstable rusty stairs before an accident happens.

Broken, Rusted, and Worn-out Treads

Replace worn-out stair treads with quality reinforced metal, pre-cast concrete, and composite wood products.

Our team is skilled at assessing a job and helping you determine the most cost-effective yet durable solution. We replace treads on apartment stairs, for example, when most of the stringers and other components are in relatively good condition.

Whether you need to match an existing walkway or replace the entire staircase, we can help you with your rental property needs. Avoid the lawsuits and liabilities that unstable and unsafe stair treads can produce. Contact us today to see how we can help you.

Cracked and Compromised Columns

Replace rusted columns and repair with heavy duty steel plate. A compromised column can mean an unsafe work or living environment and we can address these needs quickly. We handle your repair or replacement columns for walkways and carports, catwalks, and mezzanines.

We repair damaged columns in warehouses and overhead door steel framing and lintels as well. Our onsite mobile welding trucks ensure we come to the job prepared to cut, torch, grind, and weld as necessary.

Don’t wait to fail the next safety inspection on your rental or lease property. Contact us to repair carport support and your other mobile welding needs today.