Casco and Sons provides structural steel for steel decks, mezzanines, awnings and canopies, reinforcement for RTU units, temporary shoring for demolition, column repair and replacement.

Structural Steel Construction

Our expertise can help you find cost-effective ways to complete your project. Some examples of our work are installing mezzanines, laying down metal decking, and erecting thousands of columns, beams and metal joists. We also fabricate and install standing seam metal roofing.

Structural Shoring

We use temporary steel shoring and hydraulic capabailities to retain structural integrity while the project is being completed. We have experience demolishing steel, brick, CMU, concrete, gypsum, light wood framing, and other materials.

RTU Reinforcement and Lintels

Casco & Sons handles miscellaneous metals on the job. We install the reinforcement you need for HVAC units during build-outs and new construction, and miscellaneous galvanized angles and beams for CMU lintels.

Project Highlight

Casco and Sons provided all the structural steel and miscellaneous metals on this church addition. The scope of work included structural steel lintels, structural steel columns, and a structural steel truss system. All exterior-facing steel was galvanized in a hot-dipped galvanized finish. All interior steel was industrial primed in grey. All steel passed inspection and was approved for the next phase without delay. Casco and Sons also provided miscellaneous commercial guardrail and metal handrails.

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